Red Hot Chili Ppers vs Gladys Knight and the Pips

RHCP 'Under the bridge' vs Gladys Knight & the pips 'Neither one of us wants to be the first to say goodbye'




Madonna vs Marvin Gaye- Like a Grapevirgin

Madonna's 'Like a virgin' vs Marvin Gaye's 'Heard it through the grapevine'

Like a Grapevirgin.mp3 - divsharelink


the clash vs michael jackson - should i black or should i white?

it's the clash's 'should i stay or should i go?' vs michael jackson's 'black or white' recorded from a radio transmission from outer space.

should i black or should i white?.mp3


Britney Spears vs Prince - Rock'n'roll controversy

britney spears 'i love rock'n' roll' (originally by joan jett) vs prince's 'controversy'

rock'n'roll controversy.mp3


Maroon5 vs Kai Winding - This love got lost

A new chapter in the WHA! compilation series.
Forgotten hits.

Contribution is Maroon 5 vs Kai Winding
This love got lost.

Download the whole album HERE

or download the track HERE


kraftwerk vs robbie williams - the madonna calculator

mashup industries has released the fine compilation:
Bootwerk - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Kraftwerk

i was asked for a contribution to the album which you can and definetely should download HERE

it is: kraftwerk's pocket calculator vs robbie williams' 'she's madonna'

adding up to:
the madonna calculator.mp3


marvin gaye vs madonna (on new !wha-compilation "superseven")

there is a new track, appearing exclusively on the !WHA-compilation "superseven" by simon iddol.

it is marvin gaye's 'what's going on?' vs madonna's 'la isla bonita'

get the whole albumthing HERE

download the single track: WHAT IS GOING ON @ LA ISLA BONITA. MP3 - HERE

get it HERE



finally got around to finishing/polishing an old but fine mix. 90 tracks in 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy the ride

download the mix>>HERE<<


1- Tom Jones – Sex Bomb
2- Prince – 1999
3- Donna Summer – Hot Stuff
4- Akufen – Deck the House
5- Earth, wind & Fire – September
6- The Beatles – You can’t do that
7- Prince – Kiss
8- Van Morrisson – Baby Please don’t go
9- Ice-T: Colors
10- Fugees – Fu-Gee-La
11-Willie Bobo _ Fried Neckbones (Dan the Automator Remix)
12-50 Cent – In da Club
12- Tammy Wynette – Good Girl gone bad
13- Lowtec – Please go away
14- Beck – Tropicalia
15- Beyonce – Crazy right now
16- David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes
17- The Beatles - Because
18- Janet Jackson – You
19- LL Cool J – I need a beat
20- Moloko – Sing it back
21- Lenny Kravitz – Fear
22- Donna Summer – On the Radio
23- The Beatles – Help
24- Devo – Beautiful World
25- King Size – Better Times
26- KRS – One: Sound of the police
27- KRS – One – Criminal minded
28- Sade – Sweetest Taboo
29- Sly and the Family Stone – Don’t burn baby
30- Vincent Radar – Broadcast 1
31- Nonplaceurbanfield – Westernized Dub
32- Tribe called quest – His name is mutty Ranks
33- Resident Alien – The Doo Doo Man
34- Ironing Board Sam – Man of the Street
35- The Beatles Why don’t we do it in the road
36- Len Barry – 1-2-3
37- KC & the Sunshine BAnd – That’s the way
38- Hank Williams- Love Sick Blues
39- Iron Maiden – Run to the hills
40- I:Cube Power Sandwich
41- Digital Underground _ kiss you back
42- Ian Pooley – 900 degrees
43- Madonna - Ray of Light
44- The Beatles - Girl
45- Lord Buckley – The hip Gahn’
46- The O’Jays – Get on down and party
47- Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas
48- Steely Dan – Everyone’s gone to the movies
49- Lionel Richie – Easy
50- Dean Martin – Cha Cha Cha D’amour
51- The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil
52- Kool & the Gang – Summertime
53- Bob Andy – Weep
54 -Korben Dallas – Like I do
55- Helmet – I know
56- Eminem – MY name is Slim Shady
57- Kiss – God gave Rock’n’Roll to you
58- Justin Timberlake – Rock your body
59- Prince – Baby IÄm a star
60- Benno Blome – S.Coder
61- Bobby McFerrin – Don’t worry be happy
62- Neil Diamond – Delirious Love
63- A Tribe called Quest – Money Maker
64 – Slacker JAck - Divisivle
65 – Public Enemy – Shut’em down
66- Zap Mama – Mr.Brown
67- Nik Kershaw - Wouldn’t it be good
68- Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice
69- Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
70 – De la Soul _ A rollerskating Jam named Saturday
71 – Parliament – Pump up & down
72 – Parliament - Flashlight
73 – George Michael – Faith
74 – Eminem – Lose Yourself
75 – King Tubby meets the Skatalites – Herb Man Dub
76 – The Bangles - Walk like an Egyptian
77 – The Beatles – Tommorrow never knows
78 – CAN – TV-Spot
79 – AC/DC - It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock’n roll)
80 – Muddy Waters – Hoochie Coochie Man
81 – They might be giants – Toddler Hiway
82 – Electro-Accupuncture – Rabbit In The Moon's Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve ...
83 – Prince Paul – Introduction to psychoanalyis
84 – Honey Cone – Deaf Blind Paralysed
85 – The Beatles – Hey Jude
86 – Stereo Virus – Talk to me
87 – Van Morrisson – Gloria
88 – Visage – Fade to grey
89 – Woody Hermann & Band – The good earth
90 – The Muppets – Swedish Chef Song



After a serious disco-infection DJ EARLYBIRD is back from the dancefloor with an album spanning the years from 1972 to 1981 with one boot for each year.


full package download (all tracks with front-cover and back-cover artwork)

(don't worry - individual links follow below)

so what have we got???

1) 1972 manu dibango vs queen feat snoop doggy dog - we will rock makossa

some consider manu dibango's soul makossa the first disco track. When it reached NYC as an obscure import, dj's went crazy for it. Well about queen's 'we will rock you'- what can i say.... it's a track i love to hate as much as i hate to love it. The title being so emblematic.... it had to be the first one for this album. Find a bit of snoop with some vocoder bits added

2) 1973 the intruders vs michael jackson - i will always love my billie jean

i have always loved the intruders 'i will always love my momma', but when i discovered that there was an 8 minute plus version of it, i knew i had to include it in this disco compilation. michael jackson was so spot on there weren't any questions left.

3) 1974 barry white's love unlimited vs the fugees

this is everything i love about a good a+b.

4) 1975 van mccoy vs genesis - the invisible hustle

a good example of exorcism, (or at least i tried...) Van Mccoy's track accompagnied the new dance craze in 1975, called the HUSTLE. wanna try:?

* Basic - similar to the basic from single-step swing, except rock step is at beginnin
* Turn - 180° clockwise turn taken between 2 and 3 count, followed by a rock step
* Left Turn - 180° counterclockwise turn taken between 1 and 2 count, followed by a rock step
* Side Break - lead sends follow out still holding her left hand, then picks her back up
* Wheel - couple in double hand-hold pumps arms like a bellows; couple as a whole rotates 180° clockwise
* Inside Turn or Loop Turn - similar to the loop turn from swing; follower twirls 360° counterclockwise

5) 1976 salsoul orchestra vs janet jackson - nice'n naasty boys

a thematic boot. and nasty is the theme. yup. apart from that, a big hommage to salsoul, one of the first labels to give dj's (namely walter gibbons) the chance to remix artists (long befor the term remix was coined), and a great disco label as well....

6) 1977 cerrone vs madonna - get into the groove of the supernature

no disco compilation without a splash of italo disco. this piece by cerrone makes me wonder just a little how techno youth would get so crazy bout trancy shit in 1997 screaming "future,future" where it had been around for twenty years already. There is a fantastic video from 1977 by the way, with cerrone playing drums in the desert HERE And Madonna? what can you say. She'S Madonna. She tried to confess on the dancefloor. That's all I'm asking for.

7) 1978 chic vs robbie williams feat outkast - rocked by dj funny bone

the 'chic' album's are fantastic. period. people mostly know 'le freak (c'est chic)' but they are great all the way. the track '(funny) bone' is more the outro on the 'C'est chic' album and it has party ambience mixed into it. I remember having had a disco record, where the party ambience was running all the time. i gave it to someone, but who???? Not robbie williams, that's for sure---

8) 1979 instant funk vs ac/dc - back in black bodyshine

my neighbours dog always starts barking when i play this track...

9) 1980 loose joints vs justin timberlake - all over my love

with this larry levan mix of the loose joints classic (arthur russel being the man behind it) disco had arrived in the paradise garage. I'm probably not the first one to ask the question how justin could think to bring sexy back when sexy never was gone. Picturing Justin in the paradise garage makes me laugh 'mommy, mommy help me, there are a lot of blacks, i think they are homosexual....)

10) 1981 - donald byrd vs tears for fears feat beyonce - love shout

where the donald byrd instrumental and the 'tears for fears' acapella meet...we ahave arrive in the eighties....but disco will never die. disco's not dead. punk is dead.

Hope you like it. Please do link to this page: Have a fine day.


b-52's vs pink floyd - wish you were at the love shack

b52's 'love shack' vs pink floyd's 'wish you were here'

wish you were at the love shack.mp3

fatboy slim vs the beatles - we can work those old jeans out

fatboy slim's 'that old pair of jeans' vs the beatles' 'we can work it out'

we can work those old jeans out.mp3

barry manilow vs marvin gaye vs antonio carlos jobin - what's goin on at the copacabana insensatez?

barry manilow's 'copacabana' vs marvin gaye's 'what's going on?' vs antonio carlos jobim's 'insensatez'

what's goin on at the copacabana insensatez?.mp3

pj harvey vs beck - wind blowing the black balloon

pj harvey's 'the wind' vs beck's black balloon'

wind blowing the black balloon.mp3

ELO vs marvin gaye - too busy thinking about the evil woman

ELO's 'the evil woman' vs marvin gaye's 'too busy thinking about my baby'

too busy thinking about the evil woman.mp3

dead kennedys vs diana ross - too upside down to fuck

dead kennedys' 'too drunk to fuck' vs diana ross' ''

too upside down to fuck.mp3

buddy holly / bob marley & the wailers / the carpenters / the buggles - true video ways killed the rainbow connection

buddy holly's 'true love ways' vs bob marley & the wailer's 'one love' vs the carpenters 'rainbow connection' vs 'the buggles 'video killer the radio star'

true video ways killed the rainbow connection.mp3


elvis vs serge gainsbourg vs dolly parton - lune bleue, je vous aimerai toujours (moi non plus)

elvis' 'blue moon' vs serge gainsbourg's 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Je_t%27aime..._moi_non_plus' vs dolly parton's 'i will always love you'

lune bleue, je vous aimerai toujours (moi non plus).mp3

neil young vs mfsb - philadelphia after the goldrush

neil young's 'after the goldrush' vs mfsb's 'TSOP'

(with two lines of rare earth's i just want to celebrate')

philadelphia after the goldrush.mp3

gwen stefani vs roxy music - love is the drug you're waiting for

roxy music's 'love is the drug' vs gwen stefani's 'what you waiting for'

love is the drug your waiting for.mp3

madonna vs musical youth -pass argentina on da left hand side

madonna's 'don't cry for me argentina' vs musical youth's 'Pass the dutchie'

pass argentina on da left hand side.mp3

depeche mode vs lenny kravitz - people are cab drivers

depeche mode's 'people are people' vs lenny kravitz's 'mr.cab driver'

people are cab drivers.mp3

frankie goes to hollywood vs rage against the machine - killing in the name of two tribes

frankie goes to hollywood's 'two tribes' vs rage aginst the machine's 'killing in the name of'

killing in the name of two tribes.mp3

shaggy vs lipps inc 'it wasn't funkytown'

shaggy's 'it wasn't me' vs lipps inc.'s 'funkytown'

it wasn't funkytown.mp3

mariah carey vs van halen - jump like that

mariah carey's 'it's like that' vs van halen's 'jump'

jump like that.mp3